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Promotional products give you an opportunity to advertise your business in unusual and novel ways. When you choose to promote your business with logo items and increase brand visibility with promo products, you make a marked impression on your target market. Giving away a gift with a sale or sending out a little thank you when your customers place an order are great ways to ensure that your customers will continue to use your products or services. In fact, research has proven that customers have a more positive image of companies that acknowledge them with a little gift. Not sure how to use advertising gifts to promote your company? Check out these five ideas for using products to increase your business.

Giving your customers a promotional product as an incentive to buy is a time-honored tradition dating at least back to the times of medieval England where baker's dozens originated. There are several traditional ways to give away products:

Redemption: Remember all those neat back-of-the-box cereal toys that you had to send in box tops to get? Those toys were promotional products distributed through a redemption scheme. Redemption schemes are a good way to boost ongoing sales and increase loyalty. Choose high-quality, high-value promotional products, such as logo-embroidered backpacks or bags for redemption schemes.

Inclusions: (There's a neat toy inside this box!) The best cereal-box giveaways when you were a kid came inside the box. Instant gratification! Inclusions work best when they're related to the product that you're selling. For instance, an imprinted USB flash drive included as a free gift when your customers buy a pair of earbuds.

Containers: Many a 1960s homemaker stocked her cupboard with one of the most famous and memorable promotional products of all time-Welch's jelly glass jars. Collectible containers and imprinted drink ware can introduce your product to a whole new market, and encourage customers to keep coming back so that they can "collect the whole set."

Contests and Sweepstakes: Another way to get your promotional products into the hands of your customers is by holding a contest or sweepstakes. A company running either one generally offers a very desirable grand prize along with an assortment of smaller prizes that usually include promotional products, such as hats, T-shirts, imprinted key chains and other products that carry the company name. Your customers may be vying for the grand prize, but the real prize for you is all those giveaways circulating around with your name on them, as well as all the publicity you get from the contest.

Attendance gifts: Conference and event attendees love swag-all the promotional products they collect from event sponsors and presenters. Thanks-for-attending gifts range from inexpensive novelty items, such as imprinted key chains and pens, to high-quality gifts, such as embossed leather bags or backpacks.

As you can see, there are many ways that promotional products can not only help you to build your business, but to create goodwill and loyalty among existing customers. Why not think about using this tried and true method to increase your sales today?

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